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Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory Integration is the ability to organise and interpret information we receive through the senses from our own bodies & the environment. This enables us to produce an appropriate response for particular situations, the task & environment

Children with difficulties in sensory integration may demonstrate:

* Oversensitivity to noises, household applicance e.g. blenders, vacuums, lawnmowers etc
* Oversensitivity to grooming tasks, messy play, being touched
* High activity levels, fidgeting, being constantly on the go
* Poor emotional and behavioural responses
* Poor sleep patterns
* Fussiness with eating
* Difficulty paying attention, staying on task
* Dyspraxia
* Trouble with reaching academic & developmental milestones
* Under-reactivity to sensation e.g. not noticing when their name is called, missing instructions
* Difficulty matching self to the environment
* Trouble developing age appropriate play & social skills

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